Internation summercamp 2006

The official summercamp of The Danish Taekwondo Federation. 2006
8 – 14 of july. Skæring school, aarhus, Denmark

Close to the camp, convenient store:
Skæring Nærkøb, Bredevej 6, 8250 Egå.          Minihøkeren, Ndr. Strandvej 122, 8240 Risskov

It is with great pleasure Aarhus Taekwondo Club & the Danish Taekwondo Federation invite you to the official summercamp 2006. This year the camp is situated in Aarhus. The second largest city in Denmark with lots of sights and activities. We can offer you 7 days with great training with some of the worlds leading instructors.

Skæring skole, Skæring skolevej 200, 8250 Skæring

For this camp we have been able to invite some of the world’s finest instructors, who will give you new and exciting experiences.
Apart from the training we have many other activities:
Black belt and kup promotion tests. Parties for adults and children. Trips to “Djurs summerland (amusementpark) Show competition. Demonstration. Lots of daily activities. There will be a covercharge for some of the external activities.

Grandmaster Choi Kyoung An. Denmark
Grandmaster Cho Woon Sup, Norway
Henk Meijer, World Champion, National coach, France
Dang Dinh Ky Thuy, Germany
Dang Dhin Ky Tu, Denmark, World and European champion
Bjarne Sørensen. Master instructor, Arhus, Denmark
Steen Knuth. Former Danish national coach.
Bjarne Johansen Danish national coach, Fighting team
Henrik Bak Knudsen. Master instructor Nørrebro. Denmark. European champion
Henrik Frost Danish natiopnal coach, Poomse
Jesper Roesen Denmark. Vize world champion and European champion
Tommy Mortensen, Former top fighter. National talent instructor.
Michi. King of nunchakus. Holland
Thomas Christensen, Århus. Vizechampion DK. Submission.

Taekwondo-ID, dobog, toilet bag, sweat suit, sun lotion, bathing suit, tent and high spirits.

Camp : Dkr. 600.- (€ ≈ 80.)-
There will be special trainings for children. Maximum age 14 years. Persons below the age of 14 who do not whish to participate in the childrens camp must sign up for the official camp.
One day training : Dkr. 200.- (€ ≈ 27.-)
Participation without training: Dkr. 300.- (€ ≈ 40.-)
Seniortraining: +30 ys. Min. 1 kup and danholders.

Adult: Dkr. 675,- (€ ≈ 91.-) Saturday evening until Friday morning incl.
Children : Dkr. 575.- (€ ≈ 77.-) (Children up till 12 yrs.)
Andet :  
Others :  
Electricity (tents / camping wagon - for the camp-duration): Dkr. 150.- (€ ≈ 20.-)

Bring extension cord 50 – 100 meters

Will take place on the football fields next to the hall.

Skæring skole, Skæring skolevej 200, 8250 Skæring

+4  6189 0499

+45 3123 1179
Carsten Stigers   
[email protected]

Saturday the 8th of july from  09 00 til 13 00.


No later than Monday 12 of june 2006.
Registrations received before may the 15´th will be in a drawing for two free camps.

Must be sent to: Carsten Stigers, Tjelevej 26,5tv, 8240 Risskov

Payment enclosed in international cheque or to
Sydbank Account:  Swift code SYBKD K22  Iban nr. DK7371200000108455
(We reserve the right to changes)

Information sheet
Registration form

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